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How to read a book?

Tell me something, I'll forget it
Show me it, I'll be able to remember it
But involve me in it and I'll understand it
-- Chinese proverb


  • Try to follow your tastes.
    • Read what pleases you.
    • It is not necessary to start at the beginning or finish at the end.
  • There's a technique I've found very useful.
  • It consists of placing at the footer of each page a phrase that represents the main idea, or the main ideas.
  • This way, when you pick up the book, you can quickly review it by reading those footers.
  • But the greatest utility comes from the effort of writing those phrases.
    • It's not about underlining or copying the most relevant text.
    • It's about expressing in your own words what that page says.
    • And, by doing so, you engage with it, you understand it.

How to read an ebook?

  • One way to adapt the footer technique is to use the annotation tools provided by the reading application.
  • Another way is to make annotations in an independent medium.
    • For example, a system like Obsidian.
    • Or, publishing it on a web page, like this.