Session Colorist

Antonia has been in the hairdressing industry for over 15 years, starting her career at Vidal Sassoon where she trained in all areas of hairdressing and became a colour specialist. After 7 years, she moved onto education, being scouted by world renowned educators, Mazella and Palmer. She joined their team in 2012, travelling to over 35 cities worldwide to educate hairdressers on specialist techniques and colour theories.

Antonia has since broken into the fashion industry and has worked with some industry legends such as Gary Gill, Duffy, Eugene Souleiman, Andreas Kurkowitz and Pablo Keumin. Her work has been seen in Vogue, LOVE, ID, Interview, Beauty Papers, Self Service, Document Journal, Paper, Odda, 10 magazine and 10 men.

Colour from 85€
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Session Stylist

Cut 90
Blow Dry & Styling 50

anded in Berlin via London and Australia, this globetrotting Dane is no ordinary hairstylist: she is also as a trained make-up artist, has worked internationally on fashion shows, campaigns, music videos, movies and commercials, has written about beauty for Elle Denmark, and is an avid surfer escaping to the European shores in search of good waves and good vibes at every opportunity. No wonder this self-described “Spiritual Cowgirl” who´s motto is “be happy work hard and be kind”, has such a chilled, positive, soothing aura. Surrender to her unique skills - her signature look is “effortless and bohemian”- and you´ll emerge with a cut & style that will unveil a cooler and fresher you.


Blondes (and wannabe blondes) rejoice. This Stockholm native, a fan of healthy living, is specialized in all shades of the golden hue, that she artfully realizes with a series of techniques ranging from balayage to freehand color ones. Not for nothing this colorist, trained by Andreas, she’s in high demand on the set of photo shoots as well; and works with German model agencies to create the next Kate Moss.

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Thommy Momsen

After brilliantly completing a 3-year training course, in 2018, supervised by Andreas Kurkowitz, Therese Vahlberg & Antonia Cometa, Thommy is a full-fledged colourist, and one with a clear mission at that: to become a top colourist “in order to do an amazing job for the boys, girls, ladies, and gentlemen of Berlin and beyond”. Judging by his work he will certainly succeed, bringing to the skill his special kind of cool. And the days when this multilingual (he speaks English, German, and Russian) former blogger/influencer with Kazakhstani roots - and a solid community of Instagram followers - would live virtually online seem light years away.

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Owner / Manager

Creativity is all good, but as all artists very well know, a creative person gets nowhere without a business mind behind him. That’s where Hannover-born Berlin convert Dennis, bachelor of law, cofounder and manager of the Studio, comes in. With a past in restaurant management and event planning, he is the one that makes the whole thing work. And he is no boring businessman either: he loves calligraphy, sports and interior design, and knows a lot about hair too.